A New Look for a Craft Brewery

Monday Night Brewing

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Craft Brewing


Atlanta, GA




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When Monday Night Brewing decided it was time to update their brand, it meant more than just new cans and bottle labels. From delivery trucks and tap handles to the walls and directional signage at their two brewery locations, there was a laundry list of needs in order to update the space to the new brand. Monday Night had used Copley for previous projects, so Joel Iverson, Co-Founder and Chief Project Officer, knew just who to call.


Rather than distributing traditional tap handles, Copley printed new tap handles on magnets for each of Monday Night’s beers. These magnets can be “stuck” to kegs headed for bars so bar staff can easily switch to the new logo. Vehicle wraps and decals were printed to update to the new brand, as well as cooler wraps. For the breweries and taprooms, new dimensional signage, directional signage, and wall art completed the transition to the new brand and logos.


“When we did our top-to-bottom rebrand at the beginning of the year, we needed a partner to help us roll out our new look across our taprooms as well as bars and restaurants. Whit and Copley Visual helped us come up with smart solutions that made a huge impact while being sensitive to our time and budget. More than a vendor, we view Copley Visual as a key collaborator in thinking about how our brands live in the world.”

– Jim Babcock, VP, Marketing
Monday Night Brewing